Monday, December 12, 2011

winter key pieces: classics & tones

source: ph 1 & ph 3 tumblr, ph 2 stockholm-streetstyle, ph 4 wheredidugetthat & ph 5 tommy ton
Classics tend to have a never-ending absence; they are the epitome of elegance and panache. Blacks and whites are the perfect example of classic sophistication and everyone seems to feel more comfortable towards less aggressive colors. Whether its black jeans to white button-down tops; there are various approaches to simplicity and taste. 

Every girl or guy has his/or her favorite staples for the ongoing seasons, so for winter I've decided I want to focus on 5 key pieces and know that throughout the day they’re going to resemble something in my wardrobe. Okay, so number 5 a silted anything whether its trousers or a skirt it's peek-a-boo feel is a focus for 5 minutes. Number 4, this was tricky because, I love it but its hard to decide if its worth more to me; a leather jacket. It just brings life to a plain causal outfit and I love a leather jacket that has great zip detailing.

As for the top key pieces, number 3 a sturdy bag/or clutch I love a clutch that has a certain attraction to it and has a distinctive quality. Okay, number 2 and number 1 were a tough one; these two are going to be around for me this winter but are they worth it? Drum-roll please, a textured blazer and fuzzy heel sandals. I know its cold to wear heel sandals but, it’s my number 1 choice and you guys know how much I love anything that shines. So, it’s obvious the blazer is second; it’s a must- have in anyone's wardrobe and can instantly add elegance. So there you have it, my top favorite winter key pieces, its not that exciting, but eh its fun to play around with what you have. 

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chanel Meets India: Chanel Pre-Fall 2012

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This is somewhat quite unexpected from designer Karl Lagerfeld, he has gone with Bombay-Paris themed inspirational designs, and the collection was launched at Tuesday's Chanel Métiers d’Art 2012 show. Lagerfeld said, "We’ve had Paris-London, we’ve had Paris-Shanghai, so it felt like time to go off the circuit, to somewhere less expected". Though he has never actually been to India, the collection had a strong Indian influence, "Its the Paris version of the idea of India," he said. 

The extravagance behind it all was laid out as a lavish feast, as South Asians know the gatherings are immensely decorative and food is the centerpiece of the night; but it is the clothing that lures in with the festivities. The collection's clothing mixes of classic Chanel tweed jackets with traditional Indian embroidery felt rich and luxurious. Evening gowns that had sari like draping, alongside salwar kameezes (long tops with pants) with golden detailing left the spectators in awe. The jewelry was captured so well with gorgeous headpieces, nose ornaments and ring-bracelets completing the looks. 

I was surprised to see Indian models on the runway; being that it was Chanel it was quite nice and refreshing. Overall, it was a lovely collection and Lagerfeld did a marvelous capturing of the Eastern world meets Western Paris. Though, it was more of a Goa feel mostly because, of the dreadlocks but it was well done.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trend Alert: Spring 2012 Futuristic Prints

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    I know it's a while from Spring and we still haven't hit winter yet, but I couldn't help myself and had to show you guys one of my favorite Spring 2012 trend, futuristic-prints. Lately, I’ve been seriously tired of spotting the same old same old, it feels so repetitive every season; from pastels, stripes to polka dots. I’m not saying that I don’t love it; its just classic patterns are a continuous trend every season. So, if you’re someone like me and want to stay with the modern times and move on "FORWARD" to 2012 then the futuristic trend is perfect for you. With whimsical layering, silhouettes with a slim tailored fit and patterns with graphic contrast piecing it's as if we're in a garden in space. 
  These two extrodinary collections by Cynthia Rowley and Prabal Gurung for S/S 2012 are well structured and emphasized with dreamy bold colors. Its like Japanese-esqe meets modern day "Alien", well Prabal Gurang did draw his inspiration from Nobuyoshi Araki’s Sensual Flowers series and as for Cynthia Rowley she revisited influences from recent seasons. Just when you thought bold couldn't get any more interesting, (collection 1, photo 3) the basic silk top just adds an opulence touch and makes the designs and trend stand out beautifully.

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Monday, December 5, 2011


     Recently, I came across Lukasz Zietek  a Polish photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. Zietek's work includes        influences from arts, city and women. These hipster and urban like photos have an ease look to them, yet they are        taken so beautifully. I love the first photo it has a modern look yet a sixties mood and the rebel hair is               classic sophistication. Other than that, Christmas is a few weeks away, are you guys done with your                                       shopping? The sales are just getting even crazier as it nears.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

What's Really On Your Holiday List?

It's this time of year when you panic for everything on your holidays list. It doesn't take long to max out your credit card. I've kept a pile of what everyone might love for the holidays, just to brighten up the mood. Well, you guys know that I have an Alexander Wang craze, so lately, these bizarre 30%-50% sales have left a huge grin on my face to an extent it started to hurt. Its kind of a funny story, I've wanted to get the Alexander Wang  Simona fox heels on cyber Monday, since was having a "big event". But, I couldn't because, I told myself not to spend and to wait. Then I find out after 2 days there's a even bigger sale on So, that gives me a bigger grin on my face. So, I've decided why not go for the splurge; the heels are on sale from $895 to $539. 
Other than that, the list, okay so the Marc Jacobs Daisy Intense Eau de Parfum is $75 and an extra 10% for new email subscribers. The Wendal sunglasses  by Warby Parker/Suno are $175 and when you buy a pair you give a pair. Then the Thakoon  knit jacket which is on sale for $889, I can't have it but maybe you can. I've also wanted to show you guys’ affordable gift ideas; so the black pleated skirt was $13, I didn't notice it was sold out. But, here's an alternative, a pencil skirt  for $24.95, it would look great with the Thakoon knit jacket. You can get the geometric clutch bag from ZARA for $36. The Thakoon  Velvet ankle boots sale for $388, aren't they a beauty? I found this playful Emily and Fin Lucy blue dress, the polka dots feel so Parisian and I can imagine myself drinking a cup of tea while wearing it. Its on sale for $86 and the Diane von Furstenberg  cup and saucer set of 4 are $110. 

A red lip is always something I love to wear, it just feels glamorous with natural makeup, the Yves Saint Laurent  Rouge Pur Couture Pure color lipstick $30 its the perfect touch of glamour. There are no holidays without sequin and shimmer; the Tibi  Rhobe sequined jersey top gives evening looks a flare, its on sale for $265. The Phillip Lim  bralette is on sale for $95. Thakoon flared trousers on sale for $229, Alexander Wang  Anais metallic loafer pumps sale for $390, Phillip Lim  pashli camera bag sale for $298 and J. Crew  Café leopard-jacquard Capri are $250. The last two are a splicing grey knit for $49 on and 100 contemporary fashion designers the two volume complilation brings together highlights from Taschen Fashion Now! series for $60.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Artistic Lengths

photographer: Benoit Courti  
   If you had one day left to be with the person you love, what would it take you to live it? Memories are not just thoughts of the tales of one's adolescent wandering, but are cherished by the work behind it. Fancy how materialistic things have driven us mad and we still ignore what is in front of us. Look a little closer, just a little more, do you see it now? It has been in front of us all a long, the mirror of our today. 
Its hard to believe what that feels like, the realization of an awakening. I've wanted to focus more on what it takes to grasp just a loud slam of truth and going for today is another tomorrow. Well, I know this is out of my comfort zone, but I just needed to say it. Isn't that what writing is about? Exploring all sorts of avenues one seems to slumber away. I added a few photos by a Parisian photographer; Benoit Courti that felt moving to me, try looking at the photos while listening to Rachel Portman you'll get what I mean by moving.  

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Julia Sarr-Jamois

       Fashion editor Julia Sarr-Jamois, of Wonderland magazine recently was working on the spring 2012 
      shoot for Tibi. Julia's spunky look fits her personality, here you see Julia hailing a cab with a chic 
and casual shearling bomber jacket by the brand.

The Bold Skirt

     Is there anything more chic than a woman who knows how to play with her wardrobe. It's as if love has struck you and you melt with envy. Bold statement skirts and tops are being seen on everyone, its a must for anyone who wants to strike attention. The slit opening is gorgeous and feels sexy and playful without over exposing. Gosh, what I would do for a wardrobe full of flare and umph, I'm trying to find a statement skirt with open slits and definitely think it would be perfect for the holiday season.
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